Wholesale Japanese Green Tea, Directly from Japan

Our Japanese Green Tea Wholesale services are available to any business or individual who wishes to purchase the minimum wholesale order size of our Loose Leaf Teas, Matcha (Green Tea Powder) or Tea Bags. Our premium quality teas are packed fresh and shipped worldwide directly from our factory in Japan. We always provide fresh tea, from the latest harvest available. These teas are never blended with cheaper, inferior-quality teas from other countries. Many of our teas are single estate and certified quality. We are specialists at business-direct labelling services and delivery of premium quality Japanese teas from the center of the Japanese tea industry.

After you have contacted us about your wholesale enquiry we will get back to you quickly with the current tea selection, prices and options. We will walk you through a number of different Japanese Green Teas and packaging options, so you can pick which is right for your business and your budget.

If you're interested in Japanese Green Tea wholesale business, please contact us at sales@japaneseteafarm.com or use the contact from available in our Contact Us page. We almost always respond to all inquires within 24 hours and we will send you the Product/Price Information by e-mail attachment shortly thereafter. Let us know your questions or requests. We will answer your questions and help you decide on your product selection, order quantity, shipping method and payment options.

Your order will be shipped directly from our factory in Japan to your location, after frehsly packed with your requirements.