Premium Sencha - 30x Tea Bags (SALE: BUY 1x - GET 2x)

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30x Tea Bags

Premium Sencha 30x Tea Bags
3 Grams Tea / Pyramid Tea Bags

Renowned for it’s rich taste, we bring you the Japanese Premium Sencha in tea bags. You may now enjoy the depths of this green tea’s nuance without the hassle of filtering. We are ecstatic in bringing best quality Premium Sencha green tea to you in convenient tea bags!

Premium Sencha tea bags are very easy to use. There are 3 Grams of Premium Sencha Tea in each (pyramid) tea bags. The pyramid-shape fine-mesh teabag makes brewing easy. It also ensures the essence permeates the water fully.

Rich, deep taste and dark green color. There are 30x teabags placed in a zip lock bag - that closing air-tight to keep the freshness of the teas.

  • 30x Tea Bags in a Zip Lock Bag
  • 3 Grams Premium Sencha Tea / Tea Bag
  • Total of 90 Grams (30x 3 Grams)
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30x Tea Bags

Sencha Green Teas