Chiran Sencha 25x Green Tea Bags

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25 x 1.8 grams

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  • Chiran Sencha 25x Green Tea Bags
  • Chiran Sencha 25x Green Tea Bags


Chiran Sencha Green Tea Bags
(25x Tea Bags)

Our green tea bags are from fine quality and tasting tea harvested from the famed Chiran growing area. The silk-like, pyramid-shape, fine-mesh tea bag makes brewing quick, easy and effective. Consumers will consistently be pleased with the true taste of Japanese green tea found in each bag. The outer resealable package is made of heavy duty foil which insures product freshness.

  • 25x Tea Bags, 1.8 grams Tea / Bag
  • Total 45 grams (1.6 ounces)

Brewing Suggestions:

Brew one tea bag per standard size cup holding up to 300 ml of liquid. Heat the water to 80C (180F) and steep for one to two minutes depending on your desired taste. The tea bag may be infused a second time for a very light tasting brew. Use the same temperature water and steep for one minute. Please note that the caffeine content of green tea becomes significantly less after the first steeping.

Japanese Tea Infusion Time

How to brew Japanese Green TeaBrew Japanese Green Tea


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Japanese Tea Harvest Japanese Green Tea

Japanese Green Tea
Product Safety

For three consecutive years the Shizuoka Prefectural Government has contracted a certified independent agency to test, in its own laboratory, green tea for radiation harvested from all parts of the region. Each year all of the samples tested safe for human consumption in accordance with USA (USDA), European Union, Australian and Japanese government standards. 

No unsafe tea has ever reached any consumer.
With the health and well being of consumers in mind, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan has set strict safety standards for green tea. The report “Results of Tests for Radioactivity of Tea Produced in Shizuoka Prefecture” is available. The samples tested were for “brewed tea” which is the state it is actually consumed. The test results for all the samples were nearly the same. Radioactive Cesium 134 and 137 were near zero while the safety limit is 100bq/1KG. Shizuoka green tea has once again been certified to be absolutely safe for your consumption and enjoyment.
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